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Shinsuke Amiya,CEO

After taking Bachelor of Law from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo in 1981, Shinsuke Amiya started the business career in the international finance division of Yamaichi Securities Co., Ltd. and joined the investment banking division of Morgan Stanley as an associate in 1986.
In 1994, he started his career in Merrill Lynch Japan, where he worked as a Managing Director of financial institution group, Head of investment banking division, Chairman of Investment Banking Group, and the Vice Chairman of the Firm.
In 2006, he was invited by shareholders of NIS Group to become the president of the company for restructuring the companyfs business and financial structure.
After leaving NIS Group where he had succeeded in 30 billion yen fundrasing from private equity firm, he left the company and was elected as a member of the House of Representatives of Japan by national election.
He was then promoted to the Parliamentary Secretary of Finance Minister of Japan in Noda Cabinet.
In 2013, he started S.A.Consulting Inc. and also holds the post of a guest professor in Ryotokuji University.

Transactions completed by Shinsuke Amiya

Naohiko Takase, Partner

Upon graduated from Sophia University with BA in Economics Takase joined Yamaichi Securities Co., Ltd. where he worked in the areas of Corporate Planning, Strategic IT Planning, and Venture Capital.
After getting MBA from Yale University Graduate School of Management he spent several years in New York and built the NY representative office of gJapan Securities Research Institute,h which is the academic research institute owned by Japanese national government.
He then joined Merrill Lynch Japan Securities, where he served as Chief Administrative Officer in National Sales Division., who was responsible in Sales Performance Management and all administrative functions.
He then worked with NIS Group and UBS Wealth Management, where he assumed responsible positions in Internal Control, and Risk Management.

Areas of Services

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Fundraising
  • Financial Strategy and Corporate Strategy
  • Corporate Revitalization
  • Internal Control System and Risk Management

Ayaka Nakano, Consultant

Upon graduated from Shirayuri College she worked in Investor Relation / Public Relations functions with the think-tank of Entertainment Company and financial institution, where she was responsible in planning corporate IR and PR strategies.
She then joined foreign IR / PR consulting firm and worked in the areas of media communication, crisis communication, and public affairs for the clients in financial, manufacturing, distribution and retail, and healthcare industries.
Currently she takes part in SA Consulting Ltd. and providing service in strategic communication planning to government offices, foreign ICT firms, Sake Brewing companies, and culture and art associations.

Areas of Services

  • Public Relations consulting
  • Marketing Planning consulting
  • New business / goods Branding consulting
  • Online PR
  • PR contents creation (Web, Pamphlet, Movies, Books)
  • Event planning (Parties, Press Release, Lectures, Press Conference)
  • Administrative Office for events